As the leaves here in New York turn to beautiful reds and golds, the weather turns colder and the roads can get more treacherous. That's why the factory-trained experts in our service center at Emerling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Springville NY recommend that you see us soon for your for fall maintenance checkup. We can review the critical safety and performance features of your vehicle to help you get it ready for fall and winter weather.

Fall maintenance checkpoint #1: Tread depth on your tires

Perhaps the most important safety components on your Ram 1500 or Jeep Grand Cherokee are the tires, especially when fall and winter roads get more slippery. One of our experienced technicians will take a close look at the tread depth on each of your tires. We'll make sure there’s more than enough tread depth to help you travel through rainy, snowy conditions on the roads and get you and your family safely to your destination.

Fall maintenance checkpoint #2: Tire wear

While inspecting your tires, we’ll make sure each one is inflated to the correct pressure level for your vehicle. Under-inflated tires can impair the handling of your vehicle, a situation you don't want when roads are slick. We will also check your tires to make sure they're wearing evenly. We can do a tire rotation and wheel alignment to help your tires last longer and if you need new tires, we have great choices in stock and can install them for you.

Fall maintenance checkpoint #3: Your battery

Temperatures get pretty cold in communities like West Seneca and Ellicottville, NY, and when they do, your battery can have a tougher time starting your car. As part of your fall maintenance check, we can run a load test to see if your battery has enough juice to start your car reliably when temperatures fall into the frigid zone. We'll be glad to clean your battery cables and terminals to eliminate the corrosion that shortens the life of your battery.

Fall maintenance checkpoint #4: Your brakes

Few things matter more than being able to stop safely and reliably when fall and winter road conditions are not exactly ideal. We encourage our neighbors in Fredonia and Hamburg NY to schedule service with us so we can check the condition of your brakes, including your brake pads. If your pads are wearing out and we replace them early enough, we can avoid having to also replace your more expensive rotors.

Fall maintenance checkpoint #5: Your windshield wipers

Mother Nature has her own sweet way of splattering heavy amounts of rain, snow and even mud and road debris on your windshield. You can clean up Mother's mess and see clearly if your windshield wiper blades are in first-rate condition. We can inspect them for you and install brand-new, more effective wiper blades to get you safely through fall and winter weather. We can also top off your windshield wiper fluid to assure good visibility.

Fall maintenance helps get your vehicle ready for winter

See us for the fall maintenance check your car, truck, SUV or minivan needs. If you want a newer vehicle to help you take on the weather around Jamestown NY, shop our new inventory. If you don't see the model you want, you can place a Custom Order through us at no extra charge. The specialists in our finance center can help you get the financing you need. Contact us soon to learn more at Emerling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Springville NY.