Filters for Your Car Inside and Out

Air quality is important both for you and your vehicle. Filters work to clean the air of contaminants that can harm your lungs or engine and are necessary for optimum performance. Checking and replacing these filters is part of the general maintenance needed to keep your car in top running shape.

The engine air filter works by capturing contaminants from the air that can harm the engine. A pleated element and a foam or paper breather element work in tandem to catch dust and dirt particles from the crankcase ventilation valve before they can harm the engine. The air filters for the vehicle passenger cabin work to eliminate harmful air particles in the interior of the vehicle.

Both the interior and engine air filters need to be checked periodically and replaced when needed to ensure that your vehicle is efficiently filtering the air both inside the passenger compartment and inside the engine. Bring your vehicle to our service center at Emerling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Springville to have our technicians check and replace the air filters if needed and help both you and your car to breathe easier.

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