What Is a Vehicle Fluid Maintenance Schedule & Why Is It Important?

There is a wide range of fluids that get utilized in your vehicle's engine and other systems. From the oil that lubricates and absorbs heat to the power steering or brake fluids, each of these has their own fluid type specifications, as well as a manufacturer recommended schedule for changing fluids and maintenance.

Over time and natural use, these fluids begin to either degrade or become contaminated by pollutants or particles and will need to get changed. This is why the manufacturer's schedule for maintenance becomes so important.

Following this schedule will not only help to make sure that your vehicle runs and operates smoothly as intended but can also help save you money by preventing costly repairs from becoming necessary.

Whatever fluid is ready for a change, bring your vehicle to Springville, NY, and let the expert team at Emerling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram make sure that all of the fluids in your vehicle are not only the correct type but properly changed out.

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